Heart attack prevention begins with awareness. What are your risk factors? Beyond traditional risk factors, have you been tested for newer markers of cardiac risk? Where do you stand at this point in your life? Coronary artery disease is often a silent process until the day a problem occurs. Although you may not manifest a symptom at this time, you may have already developed cholesterol deposits in the coronary arteries. Awareness and not denial will help prevent a heart attack.

At Woodlands North Houston Heart and Vein Center, we offer the residents of Houston, The Woodlands, and the surrounding communities in Texas the following heart disease screening procedures:


At Woodlands North Houston Heart and Vein Center we believe the best defense in preventing heart attack begins with early awareness and a tailored patient-specific approach. Establishing a baseline understanding of your current coronary health coupled with a thorough risk assessment and laboratory screening can help us help you.

Only you can prevent your heart attack. Take charge.



Woodlands North Houston Heart and Vein Center is the respected leader in cardiovascular medicine serving the North Harris and South Montgomery community. Our organization has grown to include upwards of sixty individuals dedicated to providing high-quality service to our patients. We strive to provide the very best in cardiovascular care. We aspire to be the leaders in the fight against heart attack and stroke. We also believe, however, that this fight begins long before a person suffers what may be a catastrophic event. For this reason we have focused on the area of prevention where great developments have occurred. Early detection of risk factors and diagnosis of heart disease is now possible. The majority of disease states are readily treatable or preventable before symptoms occur.